Red Liver Aqeeq

Red Liver Aqeeq

Red Liver Aqeeq for Good Luck:

This stone or red liver aqeeq rings generally carried to have good luck. If you want to overcome difficulty or an unlucky year we suggest you to carry this stone with you. By using Red Liver Aqeeq rings, you would have the power to get over a crisis. It would give the owner courage and will to solve the problem.

Benefits of Red Liver Aqeeq Stone

There are many mental and physical benefits of red liver aqeeq stone. From ancient times this stones known as symbol of “heart” and it has sacred things. It is known as protection stone from evil eye. Also believed as gives good luck to carrier. It gives wealth and helps to solve problems positively. It protects from physical and spiritual harms.

Protective Benefits of Red Liver Aqeeq:

Red liver aqeeq stone protects you from harms and dangers. Most of famous people wears or carries red liver aqeeq stone to protect themselfs from dangers. Also it protects from evil eye.  Boutique Ottoman provides red liver aqeeq stone worldwide since 1972 and many times we informed from our customers about protective feedbacks. Some of our customers informed us that stone is cracked suddenly, some of our customers thanks us because protect himself from traffic accident without any harm. Some of our customers informed us about end of bad dreams.

Creative and Art Benefits of Red Liver Aqeeq:

You may see that some of art designers or creative job owners like architects wears red liver aqeeq stones or uses red liver agate on their projects.  Power of red aqeeq helps to improve creative minds, imagination and concentration. If your job needs creative mind red liver agate may helps you for success of your business.

Mental Effects of Red Liver Aqeeq:

This miracle stone helps you to become stable and calm. Stone helps you to become calm and stable. If you have a problem about anxiety it will suite for you. Because Red Liver Agate stone has stable structure color. If stone has strips they are also not sharp. So aqeeq is smooth and quiet stone.

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